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Comprehensive Metal Recycling Services

We offer comprehensive metal recycling services and process metals that have salable recycling value. We recycle all types of ferrous and nonferrous metal and provide the best recycling experience in town. We have the ability to offer the top prices for your metal, including old junk vehicles. Please note that our prices are subject to change.


Under no circumstances do we accept Wood, Paper, Plastic, Bombs, Propane Tanks, Winch Cable or Fencing. Any Iron loads containing these materials WILL be rejected!


#1 Copper – Wire – Individual strand is the thickness of a metal coat hanger or pencil lead or greater.#1

#1 Copper – Tubing – Must be free of solder, paint, and any other contaminants.

#2 Copper – Copper wire or tubing not qualified for #1 copper, but must be free of wood, plastic, iron, insulation, etc.

Coated #1 or #2 – Copper wire qualifying for the above categories, but WITH insulation.


Brass is classified as either Clean or Dirty. Dirty Brass contains iron and/or small quantities of plastic, and must be at least 60% brass. Will be yellow or yellow/red. Valves of bathroom fixtures are an example.


Radiators typically found in older vehicles and heavy equipment, they are classified Clean and Dirty. Dirty Brass/Copper Radiators contain iron.


Must be recycle-grade stainless, that is stainless with very little draw on a magnet.


Many types of lead accepted, including wheel weights.


Car Bodies / #2 Iron – Also called Shred, refrigerators, dryers, and lawnmowers are examples.

Short Iron – 4 ft (or less) by 2 ft (or less), and no less than 1/4 inch in thickness.

Long Iron – Iron of a similar thickness to Short Iron, but exceeding the specified dimensions.


When classifying Aluminum, it is helpful to consider how it is made.

Clip / Painted Sheet – Items made from a solid sheet of aluminum, then cut and pressed to shape. Mobile home siding is an example.

Cast – Items made from liquid aluminum poured into a mold. Pots, pans, and statues are examples.

Extrusion – Items made from liquid aluminum that has been pushed through a mold (extruded). Window frame is an example.

Wheels – Aluminum wheels that are NOT chromed are accepted. Chrome wheels are accepted as Cast Aluminum.

Aluminum Wire / ACSR – Highline wire is an example of Aluminum Wire. ACSR is Aluminum Wire with insulation and/or steel strands.

Breakage – Items of an aluminum/iron mixture, where the iron is 40% or less. Cast Aluminum with iron is always classified as Breakage.


Classified as Large and Small, according to size. Small Electric Motors are the size of a volleyball or smaller, and Large Electric Motors are larger than a volleyball. This category does not include aluminum wound motors. 


Lead-acid type batteries only. We do not accept lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Our Services Include

  • Car Recycling
  • Parts Locating
  • Scrap Metal Pick Up
  • Used Cars and Trucks
  • Used Auto Parts
  • New Tires
  • New Auto Parts
  • Metal Recycling
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Steel
  • Titanium

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